Feb 062017

Welcome! We’re pleased you’ve chosen Aetna and look forward to working with you.

we want you to know. By providing information and tools that are
accessible, simple and clear, we’re committed to giving you what you need to
make better decisions for your business and your people.
Thank you for choosing Aetna. It’s our privilege to serve you.

To that end, this handbook provides a summary of the administrative
information you’ll need to help you administer your Aetna plan. It is important
that you understand the provisions of the plan, particularly the need to submit
timely and accurate data and other information described in the handbook.
The Customer Service Information sections, immediately following this letter,
contain phone numbers and addresses for the Aetna departments you will
need to contact.
As you read through this handbook, you may come across terms or references
that do not apply to the plan of benefits you have selected. The actual terms
of your group plan are detailed in the plan documents we have already
provided to you.

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